How to create a DEX on Encentive Web3 OS

SaaSGo (Formerly Encentive)
2 min readJun 2, 2022

Click ‘Connect Wallet’ to connect your MM wallet

There are two ways you can create a DEX with different situation according the progress if your project has already issued a token.

Way 1

For projects with already issued token, Click ‘Import Token

Enter your token contract address and click ‘Import

Upload project logo and click ‘Create’ to complete the creation;

p.s. The rest of the information except logo will be automatically filled after you enter the token contract address

Way 2

For projects who haven’t issued token, Click ‘Create Token

Fill in the Project information/details:

1. Project Name;

2. Native Token Name;

3. Total Supply of the Token;

4. Logo of the Token;

5. Click “Create”.

You can Click ‘Open my DEX’ in the upper right corner of the page to jump to the relevant website.

How to Create a DEX Like Uniswap FULL VIDEO COURSE: Step-by-Step Guide

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