On October 24th, the Web3 SaaS platform SaaSGo launched a plug-and-play decentralized NFT marketplace function and reached a strategic cooperation with Mimic Shhans. SaaSGo is building a fully-fledged NFT ecosystem and a comprehensive Web3 product for Mimic Shhans.

The Mimic Shhans NFT trading platform empowered by SaaSGo includes the following functions: a customized UI and brand front-end, extensive support for the ERC721, customized royalty function and fiat-DeFi on-ramp payment options for the purchase of Mimic Shhans series NFTs.

Aside from the basic functions mentioned above, SaaSGo will also support Mimic Shhans’ community NFT secondary creation royalties and management of DAO reward pool for community governance and create the overall Mimic Shhans’ Web3 brand to foster a more open, transparent and innovation-driven Mimic Shhans Web3 community.



SaaSGo (Formerly Encentive)

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